Michel Seba
© Aurélie Elich

Michel Seba

Michel Seba was born in 1973 and grew up in the Arlon area (Belgium) in a family of passionate musicians. From an early age he was surrounded by the sound of the bagpipes and the hurdy-gurdy. He began his training with Chris Joris and Didier Labarre during numerous summer courses at the « Académie Internationale d’Eté ». After completing secondary school, it was a natural progression that he left the Belgian province of Luxembourg, in order to study percussion at the Royal Brussels Conservatory of Music under the direction of Frank Michiels and Diederik Wissels.

He soon became well-known thanks to his ability to mix genres and because of his growing talent. Rapidly, he began to work with some of the greatest musicians: Eric Legnini, Eddy Louiss, Toots Thielemans or even Eric Truffaz, Paco Sery and many others. He feels comfortable with all musical registers, be it jazz, folk or world music. He regularly demonstrates this when performing at many festivals such as Montreal Jazz Festival, Brussels’ Jazz Marathon or the very famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Now he has become a major player on the Belgian music scene and he frequently gives courses and workshops in Belgium at Libramont’s Akdt and abroad, notably in Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Algeria, etc. 

His mastery of pop music allowed him to play and/or record with Maurane, Axelle Red and Adamo but also to join « The Voice » Belgium musicians. He has also recorded music for several films and advertisements. He took part in quite a few multidisciplinary projects including theatre and Feria Musica contemporary circus. Always open to any kind of music experience, Michel has also been part of the band Soledad, that takes its inspiration from classical music and Tango Nuevo. Fabrizio Cassol and Alain Platel’s creation « Requiem pour L. » which mixes jazz and opera is one more example of the artistic diversity Michel appreciates. 

Besides all of the above, Michel has his own band « Slang » along with François Garny and Manuel Hermia. This « Rock-ethno-coltranian » jazz trio has released its 5th album and has taken him to the far corners of the earth. He took advantage of the free time imposed by Covid to develop his own personal project « Multicolore » formed with Niels Van Heertum on the euphonium, keyboard and effects, and Rodriguez Vangama on bass and guitar. Thanks to the natural alchemy of these three musicians, this project takes you to various places through a hot, cross-cultural and polyrhythmic music good for the body and the soul.