Damien Brassart
© Yves Glibert

Damien Brassart

Born in 1986 in Braine l'Alleud, Damien Brassart started learning African and Afro-Cuban percussions at the age of 16. After 4 years of experimentation, he starts at 20 years old to learn different wind instruments (Irish flutes, oboe, English horn) by following a training at the academy of Braine l'Alleud and by participating in various training courses in the fields of "world music" and jazz (AKDT, Lundi d'Hortense, St Vaast, etc). 

In 2012, he created the non-profit organization La couleur des sons to promote and develop all forms of arts as well as music therapy. Fascinated by the power of sounds, both emotionally and physically, Damien is doing a thesis in Anthopology (ULB) on trance, ecstasy and the bridges between jazz and Sufi music. He will continue to explore this dimension of sound through various musical projects, workshops, encounters (notably with dance and theater) as well as by training in music therapy (AMB of Dijon), cognitive trance with Corinne Sombrun for 4 years (beginning of 2021) and healing sounds in different cultures with Pat Moffit Cook for 1 year (beginning of 2022)

During this time Damien worked as a music therapist in a psychiatric hospital part time for 7 years. 

At the age of 25, Damien started learning the soprano saxophone on his own. At 29, he enters the Royal Conservatory of Brussels to learn jazz and improvisation with, among others, Fabrice Alleman and Manu Hermia. He will obtain his master degree in 2022. Currently, Damien performs in various artistic projects combining music, dance and theater: Saouta (oriental music-jazz with saxophone/oud/counter bass/tabla), , " Belle époque ! "(swing/new orleans jazz trio with saxophone/counter bass/guitar), D'ouest en Ouest (West African music with saxophone/balafon/counter bass/Ngoni/percussion), Hydrol (dance/music), The First Breath Of An Unknown Reality (dance/music), Dudziak-Brassart quartet (jazz), Elle parle. (poetry/music), PLUME (Damien Brassart jazz quartet), Le monde est Ponti (music/drawing) and many others... 

Damien released his first album with the project SAOUTA in November 2022. It has already received great reviews (4 stars in the Mad, Journal le Soir, 4 stars in the Journal L'Echo and in Flanders with Moors Magazine).