Damien Brassart quartet : PLUME

Damien Brassart quartet : PLUME

  • Constituted : 08/03/2022

Plume is a jazz quartet that explores the art of improvisation through a repertoire of original compositions. The sound universe of the musicians is built from an inner musicality to get closer to the very nature of sound: a vibration. This introspective and immersive dimension through sound plunges us into an inner journey through the different compositions. These compositions have been integrated and deeply triturated by the performers like actors caught in the guts by the text they declaim.

These musicians use jazz and improvisation as keys to approach various musical styles, as a way to research their musicality and as a door to more freedom.

Damien Brassart (soprano saxophone), Emanuel Van Mieghem (double bass), Joseph Nowell (piano) and Gionata Giardina (drums) like to insist on the process of creation in progress in which the framework is fixed by the composition and where improvisation amplifies the music and its vibratory dimension because it allows this state of connection between the musicians. This aesthetic of the relationship amplified by the improvisation comes to sublimate the musical aesthetic and allows to reach states of trance, of ecstasy, such a ritual performance where musicians and public share the intensity of the present moment.

For this quartet, a piece of music is like a living organism, it is not possible to play the same one twice in a row. Its mood changes from day to day but its DNA remains the same.

Plume has found in jazz an infinitely repeatable way to play with the fragility of the moment.