Code of conduct

  • Jazz in Belgium's core values are: contributors' professionalism, striving for exhaustivity, neutrality.
  • Any visitor can create a “member” account granting them access to their favorite content.
  • Access to a professional account, which allow users to publish and manage information about their jazz-related activity is reserved to Belgian or Belgium-based professionals operating on the Belgian jazz scene.
  • The information feed is mainly updated by professional member users. This feed is treated neutrally, and automatically sorted in the chronological order in which it was published or updated.
  • Pro users are solely and fully responsible for the content on their page. They must ensure that all published material (photos, blurbs, etc...) does not infringe in any way with copyright law. In case of litigation by a third party, said user will be full responsible of all charges and penalties for copyright infringement potentially encountered for the content published on their page.
  • The publication of certain content can be subjected to review by the website administrator. The website admin withholds the right to remove any content infringing the editorial code of conduct.
  • Jazz In Belgium does not offer commercial advertisement spaces, which would allow to put one actor more to the forefront than another.
  • The “news” tab is kept up to date by institutions, journalists and the webiste admin. In this category are eligible events such as: the creation of a new jazz festival, the opening of a new jazz club, obituaries, special radio and TV broadcasts, calls for applications, competitions, exceptional international news, extraordinary events... Commercial advertisement, or any information eligible for promotion through another menu category (calendar, releases...) is not eligible in this section. A piece of news is published 10-15 days before the “event” at the latest. A maximum of 3 pieces of news by the same source is allowed. If you are not a journalist or an institution and wish to share your information in the “news” tab, please get in touch with the website admin. Be concise and precise: 10-12 lines per blurb max, including links for additional information, accompanied by a photo/image. As realistically as possible, try to communicate your information in all three languages (Fr, Nl, Eng).

A little advice to create your content:

  • Think that any information can be relayed beyond this website by journalists or organizers... Please edit content professionally and update it regularly.
  • Avoid ALL-CAPS.
  • is a trilingual platform (Eng, Fr, Nl). It is highly recommended to communicate in at least two languages at all times.
  • It is possible to embed media (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) in the presentation blurbs.