Jazz&mo' #27 - ARTS
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Jazz&mo' #27 - ARTS

'Jazz... & mo'. That gets an extra dimension in this Jazz&mo'. Because besides musical boundaries, this time we also cross all other boundaries of art. Jazz combined with literature, poetry, sculpture, dance, film... & many mo'.  

On the cover: Don Kapot, the pleasantly deranged jazz-punk trio fusing with even more pleasantly deranged dancers to form Dans Kapot. Peter Hertmans makes finger licking good music. Tutu Puoane and Ewout Pierreux find, without looking, the music in Lebo Mashile's poetry. Poetry winner Astrid Haerens has her poetry Oerhert moulted into music. Marc-Aurèle Versini and David Garcia Pretelt made their second animated film with Jazzterday. Paul Van Gysegem sculpts sound. And W.E.R.F. Records and JazzLab celebrate their 30th anniversary.

And further: Pablo Smet returned from the comic book shop with twenty graphic novels. Cover artist Peter Jacquemyn is a musician, sculptor and graphic artist. We take a look in the record closet of poet, performer and voice actor Jan Ducheyne. Maarten shakes a leg. Lieven Keymolen talks about Langston Hughes' deferred dream. Leon Lhoëst takes us on a Journey Into Jazz. With jazzinbelgium.be, we check not a label this time, but a platform. We review a new batch of albums. And on Spotting Gateways, we can peek inside the musical brain of Bram De Looze.

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