L'Orchestre du Lion
© Claire Djins

L'Orchestre du Lion

The power and energy of a big band made up of 15 musicians and singers. https://www.collectifdulion.com/l-orchestre-du-lion

Jazz culture, rock sounds, big band arrangements, multiple instruments and vocals alternate or unite with ease and enthusiasm on modern and solid rhythms, always accessible and sometimes even danceable.

In the early 80's, a first Lion Orchestra led by Garrett List was formed with some musicians having followed his improvisation class. It is with the agreement of Garrett that the Lion Orchestra revives its name for new adventures.

Of course the artists who make up The Lion Orchestra know each other and are active in groups and / or performances of the Lion Collective. But to assemble in a single musical formation is a rare pleasure and a human and artistic challenge... but also a commercial one !

This first cd revisits titles of shows of the Collective, with the desire to make dance, sing and smile listeners and spectators on its timeless hits! In the future, this Lion Orchestra will create a repertoire, specifically composed for this big band !

In JAZZMANIA https://jazzmania.be/orchestre-du-lion/