Monk's Mood

Monk's Mood
6 Tracks 1 Disc
  • 1. Evidence
  • 2. Off Minor
  • 3. Pannonica
  • 4. Friday the 13th
  • 5. Monk's Mood
  • 6. Little Rootie Tootie

​Vincent Thekal and Fabian Fiorini's passion for the music of Thelonious Monk brought them together several years ago. By dint of playing a number of his compositions, carefully selected, observed, and studied, they have succeeded in extracting their own identity, which they share here on a Live album, recorded on June 18, 2022 at the Jazz Station.

There is a danger in covering sacred masters: playing Monk is vertiginous. To succeed in this challenge, you have to respect the work and draw inspiration from it without imitating it. It’s a perilous, daring and technical exercise, brilliantly met by these two.​

​For over 30 years, Fabian Fiorini has led and contributed to a considerable number of projects, some of which are world-renowned (Ictus Ensemble, Aka Moon, Octurn, Le Groupov). He has also composed for the Theatre, the Queen Elisabeth Competition (2016) and the film "La Ruche" (2023). His interest in composition lies mainly in seeking new sonic and expressive alliances to create and then share the fundamental and powerful songs that transport him, the dramas and myths that move him.

Vincent Thekal studied classical and jazz saxophone in France before settling in Brussels. He has taken part in numerous musical adventures (A.A.R.T. Quartet, Karzapp' Quartet, Systematik Endectet, Urban Sax) and performed at festivals and venues across Europe. He is a musician with broad horizons and a strong personality, always eager to try new things and curious about musical encounters. Having already released two albums of compositions, this is his third project as co-leader alongside Fabian Fiorini.