© Michel Debaisieux
8 Tracks 1 Plaat
  • 1. Parfois la nuit
  • 2. Rouge-Cloître
  • 3. Blurry inside
  • 4. Cascades
  • 5. Basculements
  • 6. Around
  • 7. Un chemin de nuages, une éclaircie, des pierres
  • 8. Glyphe

  IN A ROUND is the eponymous debut album of the Brussels based trio composed by Sarah Klenes, Sylvain Debaisieux and Bram De Looze.
Drawing their inspiration on the roots of jazz, improvised music and chanson, their music is marked by a timbral research and polyphony.
The voices intertwine and harmonize, taking us into the unknown of a bewitching, luminous, contrasting, kaleidoscopic, plural, poetic, spacious and melodic experience...

"Like free birds, we weave the web of an open sky, between abyss and light".

Sarah Klenes - voice
Sylvain Debaisieux - saxophones
Bram De Looze - piano

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vincent De Bast 2022-2023
Painting by Michel Debaisieux
Art Work by Pauline Chassin
Risography by Chez Rosi
Produced by INMOONDO Records with the support of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

  • Verschenen : 10/04/2024
  • Opgenomen : 2022
  • Referentie : INMOONDO Records #1
  • Dragers : cd, digitaal
  • Geluidstechnicus : Vincent De Bast
  • Studio : DADA Studios

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