6 Tracks 1 Plaat
  • 1. Broensgebuzze 4.2
  • 2. Broensgebuzze 2.2
  • 3. Broensgebuzze 6.2
  • 4. Broensgebuzze 8.2
  • 5. Broensgebuzze 9.2
  • 6. Broensgebuzze 10.2

In the space between expectation and surprise, you will find Dutch-Belgian acoustic-electronic piano trio De Beren Gieren, providing robust evidence that gold can still be mined from the union of piano, bass and drums. Based on the compositions of pianist Fulco Ottervanger, the trio use the power of improvisation on the quest for a new form and create a multi-layered, kaleidoscopic work of art. De Beren Gieren released their fourth studio album ‘Dug Out Skyscrapers’ via Sdban Ultra and the band has been hailed as one of the most adventurous jazz trios in the Benelux.

The "Broensgebuzzes” are common themes in the work of De Beren Gieren. It is a small nostalgic piece of music, an invitation to long-gone memories. Each of these soundprints have appeared on previous albums. History fades but De Beren Gieren felt the need to mould these memories into new living images. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a trio, these miniatures are now transformed into a narrative mini-album released on a limited 10” vinyl, the “Broensgebuzze EP”.

  • Verschenen : 13/09/2019
  • Referentie : SDBANU1004
  • Drager : vinyl
  • Label : Sdban Ultra

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