Michael Blass

Michael Blass

  • Instruments : Piano, Keyboards
  • Date of birth : 03/10/1959 - Bruxelles
Michael BLASS is one of the post-bop pianists of the Belgian jazz scene, who combines influences of various modern pianists (Bill EVANS, Herbie HANCOCK, etc...) with a refined harmonic touch.

After studying at the Liège conservatory in the jazz department "Séminaire de Jazz", he soon turned pro and had the opportunity to play with some of the best players in Belgium : Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs), Manu HERMIA (as), Sal LA ROCCA (bass), Bart DE NOLF (bass), Mimi VERDERAME (drs), Gino LATTUCA (tp), Paolo RADONI (guitar), Jean-Pierre GEBLER (bari sax.), Jan DE HAAS (drs), as well as US and European soloists on tour through Belgium : Tony LAKATOSZ (sax) etc...

He has been active on the jazz and the pop scene, playing as well live as in the recording studios. On the pop scene, he worked with various singers (Mireille MATHIEU, etc..) and participated a.o. in the album "Inside" of the band "Fox and Crows" (QUETZAL).

With baritone sax player Jean-Pierre GEBLER, he recorded the CD "The Jean-Pierre Gebler Quintet" (IGLOO igl 069) with Jacques PIROTTON (gt) and Philippe AERTS (bass).

As a leader, Michael BLASS has an album under his own name on the B SHARP label : Wait and See (CDS 089), with Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs) and Patrick DELTENRE (gt), Dominique DI PIAZZA (bass guitar), Peter VANDENDRIESSCHE (alto sax), Gino LATTUCA (tp), Marc GODFROID (tb).

He also accompanied jazz singers such as Anne DUCROS.

Michael BLASS is considered an all around pianist and can be heard in many contexts on the Belgian jazz scene. In 2006 Michael is playing with Vaya con Dios (recorded a CD and DVD live),accompanying British singer Georgia Mancio (winner of the Music Village jazz singers competition 2005) and there are coming gigs with Violin player Roby Lakatos.