Charles Loos
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Charles Loos

After formal training, Charles LOOS left, in 1972, to study jazz composition and orchestration at the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

Back in Europe, he accompanied numerous soloists : Toots THIELEMANS, Chet BAKER, Philip CATHERINE, Johnny GRIFFIN, MAURANE etc... He also took part in more experimental groups such as "Abraxis" and "Julverne"

    He founded and recorded two albums with the LOOS-LAZAREVITCH International Quintet (with Serge LAZAREVITCH, Riccardo DEL FRA, John RUOCCO).
Charles LOOS particularly likes playing intimate solo gigs and recording alone:
solos include:
    "Tout Seul"
duos include:
  • "Comptines" with Steve HOUBEN
  • "Summer Winds" with Jean-Pierre CATOUL (released Sept. '97)
  • "Sad Hopes" with Jean-Pierre CATOUL (released Jan. 2001)
  • "O Sonho e o Sorriso" (released Sept. 2001)
Trios include:
    "HLM" with Steve HOUBEN and MAURANE (IGLOO - IGL043),
    "Vagabondages" with Steve HOUBEN and Ali RYERSON (IGLOO - IGL093).
    "En Public, au Travers" with Philippe AERTS (b) Félix SIMTAINE (drs) (Igloo Igl 062)
    "Lust for Jazz" with Bas COOYMANS and Dré PALLEMAERTS, Lyrae (LY 9704009) (June '97)
    "Secret Laughs" with Ricardo Del Fra and Félix Simtaine (B.Sharp cds 096)
    His most jazzy album (according to Charles) French Graces released November 2003 (also released in Japan as French Kiss)
Quartet etc... :
    "Unknown Mallow" with André DONNI (Philippe AERTS - b, Rick HOLLANDER - d) (IGLOO IGL126), '96
    "Chou'our Moutabadila" with André DONNI and the AISSAWAS of Rabat (Igloo IGL 135) (1997).

    with André DONNI (Dec. 2002)

He usually plays his own compositions, inspired by serious music, folklore as well as jazz of yesterday and today.
These various styles have taken him around the world.
In December 1966, together with bassist Philippe AERTS and drummer Félix SIMTAINE, they joined an official delegation to China, where during one week they played in Shanghai, representing Belgian jazz.

Teaching and writing for theatre ("Les poètes du jazz", "Antigone", "Salut Lenny") and ballet ("No Wall No War", California 1991, available on the B. Sharp label) fill his time.

He received the"Sax Prize" for the best concert of the year in 1988.
The "Prize for the Jazz Rallye's most creative concert" in 1990.
DJANGO D'OR in 1997.

On his recording are played original compositions mainly by Charles LOOS but also by other composers or members of his group.
Charles Looscan only be described as poetical inspiration made sound...He acts as a painter, enamoured tonalities, aware of their magical power.
The compositions have in common a certain bareness, an inexpressible purity...

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"Cos" (avec Daniel Schell) sur "postaeolian...","babel",et "swiss chalet" MUSEA 1974 & 1991FGBG4028AR
"Sound Compound" (avec G.Hendriks et Beaver Harris)YVP MUSIC 1986CDK48804
" En public au Travers " IGLOO 1987(IGL062)
" Harmonie du Soir " IGLOO 1988(IGL 063)
" Charles Loos - Ali Ryerson " EMD 1989 (EMD89012)
" Vagabondages " IGLOO 1991(IGL 093)
"Julverne":"Le Retour du Captain Nemo" IGLOO 1992IGL089 (invité)
" No Wall no War " B.SHARP 1993 CDS 090
"Les Chansons de Bilitis" (de Stéphane Collin)CARBON 7 1994 ZZ02
"Marimbanda"(Brésil) (guest)Perfil Musical 2001 75026