Growlin' Faces

Growlin' Faces
9 Tracks 1 Disc
  • 1. Boda Boda
  • 2. Growlin' face
  • 3. Doo we doo
  • 4. S and P
  • 5. La Mangueira
  • 6. Morceau en forme de nougarose
  • 7. Choro para E
  • 8. The Jive
  • 9. Cent Quarante

One is more tanned and hairier than the other.
The other is older than the one.
Huy 1970 and Brussels 1951.

Both are pianists, composers, and artists with diverse backgrounds. Already widely
praised for their elegant black and white playing. For the fluid feel of their music. And an
eclecticism that always comes back to the jazz matrix - the base, the mother that
nourishes and part of the deep soul.
Charles Loos and Eric Legnini have recorded nine pieces together, split between the
acoustic piano and the Fender Rhodes. Latin flavours, funky, Brazilian and even boogie-
bluesy. And classical jazz.
We don't really know who plays what, at what moment, because the complete fusion of
the two musicians gives these nine moments of flesh and sound, where each will project
his or her experience. A tribute to Maurane (Piece en forme de nougarose), an
unabashed retro feeling (S An P) or even a quasi-frenzy of album opening, Boda Boda,
with a brilliant clear dynamic. Charles and Eric are having fun. And of course, we are too.
The embodiment of this musical union also goes through Growlin' Face, the second
track, composed by Charles Loos dated 1983, which gives its name to the album
(augmented by an "s"). After a missed invitation to the Brussels Conservatory - Eric wanted his students to play Loos's compositions - the two met on the stage of the 140 to celebrate the forty years of Igloo, in February 2020. A live experience that led to the
present album, entirely redone in the studio. Via an electro-acoustic groove, completed in
the middle of covid.
Dialogue, listening, improvisation, energetic sound... An album of great musical

  • Released : 26/01/2024
  • Recorded : 2021
  • Reference : IGL341
  • Supports : CD, digital
  • Sound engineer : Luc Henrion
  • Label : Igloo