Albert Villa Trio

Albert Villa Trio

  • Start date : 24/04/2024 19:00
  • Type : Concert
  • Venue : Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club
  • Address : Boulevard Ernest Solvay 493, 4000 Liège, Belgique

Albert embraces the intrinsic complexity of nuance as much as the need to create simple, evocative melodies 'Reality Is Nuance'. Perceiving all the little subtleties of what surrounds us allows us to establish a deeper personal connection with the world, and perhaps even to define ourselves as human individuals.

Until now, Albert has mainly recorded and performed original works in larger settings, such as quartets or quintets.

This time, he wanted to explore his talents as a composer and performer in a smaller ensemble, and here he is supported by double bassist Basile Rahola and fantastic drummer Dré Pallemaerts. The three musicians do an excellent job of blending styles, textures and capturing a wide range of tones.

For an artist as sensitive and thoughtful as Albert, creating a coherent language was a very personal quest. As Albert explains, "I was really inspired by the use of polyphony by some classical and jazz pianists, and I wanted to bring a bit of that world into the form of a trio".

Reality Is Nuance' is Albert's seventh album as leader, and he unequivocally brings his new trio into a zone where everything is coherent.

Admission: €12 general public

         7€ students

Access to the concerts is WITHOUT reservation!


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