"Logbook" Live at Sounds

"Logbook" Live at Sounds
7 Tracks 1 Disc
  • 1. Backing home
  • 2. Interference
  • 3. MMKK
  • 4. London by Night
  • 5. West and Dance
  • 6. Suite et poursuite II
  • 7. Suite et poursuite III


Rosario Giuliani treads the Sounds Jazz Club stage for the first time.

As the notes fly, a bond is created between the young saxophonist and the Brussels audience hanging on his every note. He is still in his early days as a professional musician, and has no idea that in the years to come, recordings will multiply, venues will grow, and he will gradually become a key figure on the jazz scene at the turn of the century.

When he returned to Sounds Jazz Club in December 2023, the now seasoned musician decided to set in stone this piece of his history, this place where years earlier, the public had opened its arms to him. Surrounded by a few faithful friends, starting with the couple who owned the club at the time, he offered his compositions for two evenings of music to an audience that had lost none of its enthusiasm: it was the Hypnote Records label that would perpetuate this moment with the release of the Live album on June 14, 2024.