"Dans le Vieux Carré"

"Dans le Vieux Carré"
© Christophe Krewe du Belge
9 Tracks 1 Disc
  • 1. Dans le Vieux Carré
  • 2. Le Bar du Quartier
  • 3. Banana Split
  • 4. Brussels Town, Crazy Town
  • 5. Femmes
  • 6. Hey Hey NOLA
  • 7. La Chanson de Christophe
  • 8. Afternoon Tea
  • 9. Bluesette

The “Vieux Carré” is the French Quarter, the center of New Orleans. This is where we recorded this album and drew all the inspiration that has driven the Krewe for 6 years. And we are lucky to have been able to invite some of its local legends to the Marigny studio.

Besides New Orleans – “Hey Hey NOLA”, “Dans le Vieux Carré” – it is also our city, Brussels, which inspired us for this album. In “Brussels Town, Crazy Town” we tell the story of our city. The title “Le Bar du Quartier” is inspired by these places in Brussels where we meet, our stam-cafés. Vanessa sings about her need for calm in “Afternoon Tea”, and our campaign to include more female musicians on “Femmes”. Then there are two tributes to our Belgianness, with the covers of “Banana Split” and “Bluesette”, the only true Belgian jazz standard, which we recorded in rhumba version with the formidable Craig Klein on trombone.

  • Released : 18/05/2024
  • Recorded : 7/2/2024
  • Supports : CD, digital
  • Label : Step By Records

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