New Lands

New Lands
8 Tracks 1 Disc
  • 1. Nano Ballerino
  • 2. New Moon
  • 3. Korean Tree
  • 4. Vibes
  • 5. La Ballata di Kali
  • 6. New Lands
  • 7. Out Of Control
  • 8. Illusion

​With "New Lands", Armando Luongo explores new territories: first of all, composer's work, since this is his very first release in this field, but undoubtedly the land of the emotions he uses to present melodies that move you in a simple way: a universal territory where Armando succeeds in transmitting the most intimate sensations to everyone.

“Everything we see might be real might be not. Every feeling might be an end and might be an illusion. All over life we find the darkness with a smile. Sometimes alone, and sometimes with the people we love."