Great Expectations

  • 1. Birth Suite
  • 2. To Ron
  • 3. Believe
  • 4. Mirage
  • 5. Inner Shadows
  • 6. Resilience
  • 7. Forward

After two trio albums on Igloo (Sweet Tension, 2018 and Moon Dancer, 2020) and solo/duo releases, prolific guitarist Julien Tassin has signed a new live quartet with American trumpeter Jason Palmer.

Sometimes we hold high hopes and great expectations, only to be caught off guard by life’s unforeseen twists and turns. Those moments serve as a reminder of the crucial role that resilience and (self-)belief play in all our lives. That is precisely what Julien Tassin’s latest album, “Great Expectations”, aims to explore: his own experiences with hope, joy and disillusions.

Last year, trumpet player Ron Miles was slated to be Julien’s special guest for a performance at Bozar, Brussels, where he would have completed the trio alongside Dré Pallemaerts and Nicolas Thys. Sadly, Miles passed away unexpectedly. Despite this tremendous loss, Tassin continued writing music for the project. He then invited American trumpet player Jason Palmer (Roy Hanes, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Smith, Wynton Marsalis, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ravi Coltrane, Mark Turner) to join the trio. This led to the formation of the Julien Tassin Quartet and the new album “Great Expectations”.

Much like in classical music, most of the pieces are composed in several movements, each reflecting a distinct mood and atmosphere. The surprising twists and turns in the music align with the overarching theme, where each songs tells a tale that effortlessly transitions between various grooves, while maintaining a cinematic undertone. However, there is ample space for improvisation and interaction, which has always been the band's strength in the studio and live. Tassin’s fascination with blues is apparent throughout the album. The outcome is an exhilarating combination of blues, jazz and rock.

The album resulted from three live recordings during their first tour and authentically captures the band's raw, organic energy. The result is a fresh and vibrant sound that showcases the quartet's endless creativity.

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