Quantum Stereo

Quantum Stereo
5 Tracks 1 Disc
  • 1. Oblivion
  • 2. Paper Walls
  • 3. Fleeting Feelings
  • 4. Forever
  • 5. Danny Whizz-Bang

Quantum Stereo takes you by surprise, like a lover you can’t leave behind, you’ll feel the longing

in your heart …and ears.

As soon as you think you've understood what it is, it slips through your fingers, and its

allusive knowing will leave you in disbelief. Of course it does not exist unless you observe it,

it is the age you want, it can be found wherever you want, unless it is somewhere else. Jazz

Rock Pop Fusion Vocal Instrumental, whatever: its grooves, tunes, melodies and riffs will

haunt you until the end of your days, or not…the cosmos could impose it on you, and come

what may.