Here they come

Here they come
6 Plages 1 Disque
  • 1. And here comes the crazy man
  • 2. Pathetic dreams
  • 3. Only ninteen
  • 4. Open air
  • 5. Unanswered questions (live)
  • 6. Games (live)
Bram Weijters' Crazy Men is an adventurous take on Belgian jazz-rock and fusion from the seventies. The lineup of Crazy Men includes musicians who play in a wide array of contemporary jazz bands like BRZZVLL, Dans Dans, STUFF. and Internal Sun.

The spark for this special project was ignited with the reissue of Koen De Bruyne's 'Here Comes The Crazy Man!' on Sdban Records in 2015. The original album was recorded in 1974 by pianist Koen De Bruyne who was initially active in classical music and worked as a session musician for artists like Will Tura, Johan Verminnen and his brother Kris De Bruyne. But in 1974 the 28-year-old Koen De Bruyne chose to focus on his own work and released his only studio album. The amazing result, 'Here Comes The Crazy Man!', is premium experimental jazz-rock. In that period, an inspiring crossover energy seemed to prevail in the Belgian jazz scene.

Named one of the finest musicians from the current Belgian jazz scene, Bram Weijters mastered this seventies repertoire as a concert program with an integral performance of 'Here Comes The Crazy Man!' in combination with other mainly Belgian music from the same period closely related in atmosphere, in terms of lineup and in terms of influences.

'Here They Come' contains three adaptations taken from 'Here Comes The Crazy Man!' and a completely new adaptation of Koen De Bruyne's orchestral 'Games', which was altered to the specific lineup and timbre of Bram Weijters' Crazy Men. In addition, there's an interpretation of 'Only Nineteen', originally performed by Placebo (including band members who also played with Koen De Bruyne and conducted by Belgian pioneer Marc Moulin) and 'Open Air' originally from Solis Lacus, a band led by Michel Herr and with Koen de Bruyne's trumpeter Richard Rousselet on the line-up.

Arrangements de Bram Weijters

lieu d'enregistrement : par Pierre Dozin (1, 2, 3 et 4) et Pieter Van Buyten (5 et 6)

  • Parution : 11/01/2019
  • Référence : SDBANULP08 / SDBANUCD08
  • Supports : CD, vinyle
  • Label : Sdban Ultra

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