• Address : Rue de l'Usine 9a, Mazy 5032 Gembloux, Belgique

Jazz9 has been in business since 1993. After having hosted Jazz 8 in Spy for 12 years, Philippe Dethy and his team settled on the site of the former marble factory in Mazy in 2005. "N'8 Jazz" was born.
A major jazz programmer in the French-speaking world, the non-profit organization is at the origin of the Mazy Culture Cooperative, which acquired the buildings it occupies in sharing with other non-profit organisations, and which became "Jazz 9" in 2013.
The venues and the team have evolved and changed, but the spirit of discovery remains intact. For 30 years, it has been the same work and the same pleasure of encounters that honour jazz from all angles and without barriers of style.
Coming to Jazz 9 means listening to (mainly Belgian) jazz at the top of its form, enjoying a unique venue and easy parking, and savouring a homemade soup, also quite unique.

Jazz9 is supported by the FWB Culture and the Province of Namur and takes part in the "Jazz Tour" of the Lundis d'Hortense.

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