Cristal Actual

Cristal Actual

Since her teen age she is singing Joan BAEZ, Atahualpa YUPANQUI (Argentine) and songs of all countries.
Attracted by Native Americans culture, which much like the African one goes to the roots of life. Spiritual force, that of real life, she will discover in the Brazilian songs by which she is greatly inspired.

Student of psychology at The Leuven (Louvain) university she meets students from many countries and Becomes aware of political and social problems of the third world. She joins a group which struggles against torture in Brazil.

In 1976 she moves, with her family, to Spain. She loves the people, their language which appealed to her emotion in particular. It is there that her first songs would emerge.
In '83 she moves back to Belgium, pursues her composing in various languages, studies singing, solfege, dance, guitar and movement.
She is attracted by the jazz and particularly by pianist composer Charles LOOS and participates in the organization of some of his solo concerts. Together with Chris BOUCHARD she assists in organizing a tour of the Madrid contemporary ballet of Luis RUFFO.
It is in the jazz repertoire that she discovered the 1st Bossa Novas : Desafinado, Agua de beber, Manha de carnaval..., already being ignited by the films Orfeu Negro and Man and a Woman.

Her 1st concerts will take place in '87, at the Soupape (Brussels), solo, in Namur for "Int'l Dialog", being accompanied by African musicians with traditional instruments and singing in their language.
At a later stage, she meets Belgian guitarist, bass player and composer Eric DANIEL who on and off lives in Brazil and is passionate by its music, aside from being a jazz musician and attracted by fusion. He makes arrangements for Fabienne's 1st album " Cristal Actual".

During 1994 she gives few concerts and participated in the Antwerp summer festival , Le Circle and Travers presenting her own compositions in Portuguese and Brazilian songs, being accompanied by singer guitarist Osman MARTINS, Marrat ARAUJO bass, Tonio REINA drums.

In 1995 she is part of action Patchwork, organised by the "Action vivre ensemble", "Justice et paix"... A concert for UNICEF who claim that Fabienne sings a world music which contributes toward the opening of minds for education and development, subjects which are very dear to UNICEF.

In May she travels to Rio de Janeiro, during 40 days with great enthusiasm she meets the people and composes Troca d'amor (exchange of love) which was inspired by these encounters, and Meninos de rua (children of the streets). Somebody tells her how much alike she is with Brazilian singer Nara LEAO whose songs she then researches and emulates the same approach of using the music as an opening for a dialog.

In 1996 a tribute concert for native American culture with Peruvian musicians.

1997 concert, solo, at the European Commission and a support concerts in favour of "Médecins sans Frontières" (physicians without borders) to support their ongoing work in Rio's favelas.