Vincent Mardens
© Jos L. Knaepen

Vincent Mardens

Inspired by legendary musicians such as Cannonball Adderley and Sonny Rollins, tenor saxophonist Vincent MARDENS brings a powerful and swinging sound full of energy which captivates the audience until the very last note.

He is at ease in various styles,from straight-ahead jazz to fusion :

He appears on the album "Duck Time" with Benoît Vanderstraeten and André Charlier, played with Christophe Vervoort, with the fusion band of pianist Ivan Paduart with guitarist Patrick Deltenre (2 albums), with guitarist Robert Falk, etc...

He also had a group with Jacques Pirotton (gt), Benoît Vanderstraeten (el. b.), André Charlier (drs) and Frank Michiels (perc.).

He played with singer Maurane for a few years, and appears on the cd of singer Benoît Mansion, with Mimi Verderame, etc...

In recent years, he was involved in swinging bands, and mostly the SWING DEALERS (CDs).