Gilbert Isbin
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Gilbert Isbin

Gilbert Isbin's compositional and performing style defies genre, blending elements of contemporary classical, jazz, early music, world music and improvisation. He has been compared favourably to the likes of Ralph Towner and Egberto Gismonti, his music described as "oblique, subtle, and hauntingly beautiful"

He has performed on festivals and major venus throughout Europe and the US and released more then 20 albums  as a solisit or with a.o bassplayers Cameron Brown, Joe Fonda, Scott Walton, Hugh Hopper, violist Jeff Gauthier, reedplayers Vinny Golia, John Ruocco, Steve Houben, cellist Ernst Reijseger, hurdy gurdy player Iep Fourier, tuba player Michel Godard guitarplayers Sandro du Stefano, Rob Mac Killop, Bruce Arnold, pipa player Jie Ma, percussion players Alex Cline, Chris Joris, …

As a leader and co‐leader, he has recorded an impressive string of recordings for various labels.

His compositions for guitar(s)), lute(s) and ensemble, appr. 300 thus far, are published by Mel Bay, GuitarbyMasters, Berben Edizioni Musicali ,The UK Lute Society, Kindle Publishing (Amazon), ..

  • Nowadays he performs as a soloist and in duo with bassplayer Scott Walton

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    website : Gilbert Isbin