Xavier-Edouard Horemans

Xavier-Edouard Horemans

Xavier-Edouard HOREMANS, as a keyboard player, pianist and composer/arranger, has had his early training under Robert de Kers (Ronny Parker).
Later attended the Royal Conservatory of Music in Liège and Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, with many tutelage and seminars from Chick Corea, Richard Evans, Buddy Rich, Oscar Peterson, Gary Burton, Tony Bennett, Leon Lhoest, Alain Rochette... etc...

He has worked as an accompanist with Lara Fabian, Richard Ruben, Demis Roussos, Isabelle Rigaux, Steven Brown, and André Lamy among many others. To date he has collaborated on more than 50 albums, all styles mixed with Herbert Léonard, Micheline Dax, Yves Duteil, Claude Barzotti, Stella, Fred Marquer, Steven Brown….

His collaboration in Jazz has brought him together with many Belgium and foreign musicians as Philip Catherine, Bruno Castellucci, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Stéphane Grappelli, René Desmaele, Laurent Blondiau, Manu Hermia, Stéphane Mercier, Joe Higham, Ivan Paduart, José Bedeur, Anne Wolf, Pierre Vaiana, Bart Zegers, Adrien Verderame, Pascal Michaux, Kurt Van Herck, Alex Scorier, Mo Roland, Antonella Benett… and many others with whom he has worked and recorded.

He has toured in the United Sates on more than 10 occasions in NYC, Delaware, Boston , Philadelphia and etc, on occasion with his band IXHOR-US JazzBand. He has also played in concerts in Montreal, Canada, Norway, Morocco, Norway, Switzerland , Portugal... .
He participated in numerous Jazz festivals such as Bethlehem Musikfest, USA, Jazz au Chateau Festival, Paris, The Jazz Rally and the Jazz Marathon at the Grand Place of Brussels.

He has had many other participations as finalist at the Improssession, Finalist as composer at song contests.

He has contributed to the creation of broadcasts at RTBF: La Bande a Carlos, Du Bout des Ailes, Toi, Mon Toit, Objectif PME... and also several musical staged in Belgium and abroad: Les Miserables, the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 13 years ¾, Black and White, Larguez les Amarres...

His recent projects in progress includes:

  • "A Trip Into The Fabulous World Of Disney" at "Theatre de la Toison d'Or"
  • composing and recording of CDs with varies singers.
  • Recording for IXHOR-Plays Disney.
  • Collaborations with ASBL, JM, RTBF and etc.
  • Musical Projects of International Gymnastics Competitions, Portugal, 2003.
  • "CITY BLUES" Band.
  • Band Member, "ImproSession", Forest National.
His CD titled "Uncle Jack" with his compositions was released in 1992.



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