Tips and Tricks #4 : Artistic project grant

Tips and Tricks #4 : Artistic project grant

The "Culture, Youth and Media" department of the Flemish Community offers a grant for projects under the Arts Decree.

Which projects?

Initiatives in the arts sector that are limited in time and purpose, such as :

  • creating and presenting a show
  • temporary exhibitions
  • concert tours abroad
  • a series of lectures
  • publication

For whom?

Artists, workers and organisations professionally involved in the arts in Flanders. Applicants must be active in one or more disciplines, including music.


The next submission date is 15 September at the latest for projects starting in the first half of the following year (from 1 January).

Detailed information can be found on the website below.

You can also find out more from, which regularly organises information sessions.

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