GA - 27th of May 2024 - Contribute to the strategy of the author’s society

GA - 27th of May 2024 - Contribute to the strategy of the author’s society

Dear musician, Dear musician,

Sabam sends us the following message regarding its Annual General Assembly.

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 Sabam’s Annual General Assembly of Members will be held this year on Monday, May 27.

This is THE moment when the authors, composers and publishers who are members of our society decide what direction Sabam will take in the coming years.

Now is the time to make your voice heard and defend the rights of authors and publishers in a changing world.

Approve decisions and appoint directors

Through their voting rights, our members approve decisions and appoint the directors who represent them in our decision-making bodies.

In order to exercise this right of vote at the May 27 meeting, it is essential that all of their shares be paid for by March 28, 2024. Learn more.

More than ever, an opportunity to participate in governance

Because everyone can make a significant contribution to the effective management of our author society, we have relaxed the conditions for applying for our vacant positions in the administrative body or colleges.

In this way:

  • members are more likely than ever to participate in the management of Sabam;
  • Members contribute to the development of their author’s society strategy;
  • we ensure a balanced composition of our decision-making bodies.

Applications are accepted until April 2, 2024.

Learn more about our vacancies and the right to vote at the link below.