Piergiorgio Pirro Quartet
© Alfredo Monteleone

Piergiorgio Pirro Quartet

  • Constituted : 29/10/2021

This cosmopolitan quartet was created by Piergiorgio Pirro, Italian pianist living in Belgium. The quartet is the artistic embodiment of his research on the hybridization between jazz and spectral music. To carry out this ambitious project, Pirro surrounds himself with musicians who look both to the tradition of African-American music and to the future of improvised music.

The Irish saxophonist Sam Comerford, an important young voice of Belgian jazz, combines in his way of playing a warm and expressive timbre with his passion for improvisation and the avant-garde. The Belgian Cyrille Obermüller, double bass player with a round and powerful sound, also belongs to this generation of young musicians who are constantly working on the evolution of the language of jazz. Finally, the Chilean drummer Luis Mora Matus, who grew up musically in São Paulo, brings great rhythmic solidity and the groove of Latin dances.

The music of the quartet is therefore both familiar and surprising. One can feel nuances of the blues, of South-American music, of dancing rhythms, all transfigured by a distinctive way of interpreting harmony and rhythm that shapes the creative space among these four musicians.