11 Tracks 1 Disc
  • 1. Lumro
  • 2. Seles
  • 3. Zeilboot
  • 4. Blear 1
  • 5. Drevelnis (ft. Joe Talia)
  • 6. Lesti
  • 7. Adieu
  • 8. Papillon De Nuit
  • 9. Fowldra
  • 10. Stial
  • 11. Taleom

On ‘Stuve’, the new Suura quartet sounds like sand blowing on the wind or a murmuration of starlings: coarse, unpredictable but at the same time beautifully choreographed.

'Stuve' is an old Dutch word meaning something like 'dispersal of dust or sand by the wind', which perfectly captures the essence of the music on Suura's third album. After 'Luwte', Nicolas Van Belle decided to change the musical setup, adding accordion, bass clarinet, bouzouki and electronica to the mix, expanding their sonic scope and capability of producing intricately layered textures. Grainy textures that, like particles of sand, drift steadily through the air, sometimes subjected to capricious movements of the wind.

Inspired by different traditions - from Nordic jazz to Cretan folk - ‘Stuve’ offers eleven compositions that flow organically from drone to liturgical, from noise to folk. Out 10 May on a limited edition ‘creamy white’ vinyl with artwork designed by Broos Stoffels.

Featuring Joe Talia on 'Drevelnis'!

released May 10, 2023

Benjamin Hermans: Alto & baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Stan Maris: Accordion, effects

Nicolas Van Belle: Guitars, bouzouki, effects, voice & composition

Emanuel Van Mieghem: Double Bass & composition

Special feature Joe Talia on ‘Drevelnis’

Recorded by Christophe Albertijn at KC Nona, Mechelen 2-4 November 2022

Mixed by Stijn Cools

Mastered by Uwe Teichert at Electropolis

Artwork by Broos Stoffels

Production by bwaa., ONVERSTERKT.vzw, Suura

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