Leaving: Live on tour

  • 1. Doubt
  • 2. One Fine Day
  • 3. Leaving
  • 4. Remembered
  • 5. Late April
  • 6. Most of the time

Pianist Martin Salemi’s third release with his trio, "Leaving: Live on Tour", is a digital live album recorded during the "About Time" tour in the autumn of 2021.  The immersive musical experience drops us into the explosive and intuitive energy of their live shows.

After two studio albums – 'Short Stories' (2017) and 'About Time' (2021) – and numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad (including a recent tour in Japan), the pianist is back with a digital live album recorded in November 2021. The shows were held at L'An Vert (Liège) and at Jazz9 (Mazy), on the occasion of the 'Jazz Tour' organised by the Lundis d'Hortense.

With this recording, Martin Salemi on piano, Boris Schmidt on double bass and Daniel Jonkers on drums show great musical cohesion. The playing is fluid, instinctive. Each note, each improvisation and each silence transport the listener into the magical dimension of live performance. Vincent De Bast, who made the recording, brilliantly captured all the intensity of the trio's performances on stage.

The album features a variety of tracks, most of which are from the album 'About Time' except for the single 'Leaving', a previously unreleased composition.

Moving ballads or groovy rhythms, each track crackles with the energy of the live shows.  Alongside this intensity, moments of introspection offer passages of deep reflection, creating an atmosphere rich in emotion.

The album is released in digital format and announces an upcoming studio album for the

  • Released : 27/10/2023
  • Reference : IGL355
  • Support : digital
  • Sound engineer : Vincent De Bast
  • Label : Igloo

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