What Eludes Us

What Eludes Us
© Francis Vanhee
9 Plages 1 Disque
  • 1. Papir Freedom
  • 2. Mimic
  • 3. A Loving Stumbler
  • 4. Very Important Vvs. Nothing
  • 5. The Feline
  • 6. I'll Explain Later
  • 7. The Houses
  • 8. Light and Illusions
  • 9. What Eludes Us

Two and a half years after their acclaimed last release 'Less Is Endless', De Beren Gieren (“The Bear Vultures”) have finished their seventh full album. What Eludes Us is an ode to what escapes us and what we consciously want to look away from.

For this new full album, the band left aside the unimaginable beauty of the Norwegian fjords and crawled into a dusty recording studio in Bergen harbour. They did so with the celebrated and mysterious producer Jørgen Træen (a.o. Jaga Jazzist), who silently watched over the imperfections and interference as a guiding force behind the adept playing of the electro-acoustic jazz trio.

The result turns out to be compelling music with deceptive rhythms, clear melodies and uninhibited electronics in a way that also managed to surprise them themselves. With De Beren Gieren, it is clear that there is still gold to be struck from the classic jazz piano format. Instead of changing direction, the band resolutely chooses to dig deeper.

  • Parution : 29/03/2024
  • Référence : SDBANULP38 / SDBANUCD38
  • Supports : CD, vinyle, numérique
  • Label : Sdban Ultra

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