Intermediate State

Intermediate State
4 Plages 1 Disque
  • 1. Almaz
  • 2. Magam tizita saba
  • 3. The good side of bad
  • 4. Fly high oh my
Musicians make albums. But in this case it's different. The four tracks on this ten inch release were created in between. It's an intermediate piece that sits between two albums, reflecting on a series of special moments and special evolutions of Black Flower.
The inspiration came from Salvador Dali's creative dreaming ritual. With a pair of scissors in his hand, he sat back, closed his eyes and slid into sleep. The moment his body and mind enter deep sleep, the scissors dropped and waked him up. Dali then started painting using the inspiration he gathered from his dreams. These paintings can be considered the result of an intermediate state between consciousness and subconsciousness, a zone between being awake and sleeping.
Black Flower has derived four dream-tracks from their individual intermediate state, materialised into microscopic grooves on a black vinyl disc.

  • Parution : 09/02/2018
  • Référence : SDBANU1001
  • Supports : vinyle, numérique
  • Label : Sdban Ultra

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