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Friday 03/05/2024

At the crossroads of electronic music and avant-garde jazz, the three musicians of The Brums have come together for this project, having crossed paths for 10 years on the Belgian and international sc...

Saturday 16/03/2024

Friday 01/03/2024

The Brums will play at the Open Jazz Festival on Friday 1st of March ! 

Wednesday 17/01/2024

The now legendary Aka Moon is ready for its 24th album Quality of Joy. With the album, the versatile artists show that they are far from finished, as once again they seek new horizons. Quality of Joy...

Tuesday 08/08/2023

Enjoy this forest walk accompanied by country jazz in the forest of Rossignol, with Adrien Lambinet and his trombone

Sunday 06/08/2023

Inspired by the painter Edvard Munch, this new trio seeks inner cries that are not expressed, sublimated or expelled...

Saturday 17/06/2023

Friday 16/06/2023

The Wrong Object is a Belgian progressive jazz-rock band with variable geometry inspired as much by Frank Zappa and the Soft Machine as by Bartok, Amon Tobin or Jaga Jazzist.  He returns with a...

Sunday 28/05/2023


Friday 30/09/2022

Friday 12/08/2022

Thursday 12/05/2022